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Hey! I’m Myra. I’m a mom of two little girls and an Educator. Before that, I was a graduate in Economics. For grades 9 and 10, I taught in the Cambridge school system back home. Since then, I have been swamped raising my daughters. With lots of strength and positivity, I am returning to my favourite career: teaching. As an Education Assistant, I am currently employed by Regina Public Schools.
I am a keen learner and try to get as much from these courses as possible. Blogging is something I am new to. This is my first attempt at Media Studies. I am excited and stressed to learn new techniques involved. Yes, I am still learning and struggling with this area. However, I have high hopes for success in this new field in which I am only a beginner.

It is essential to teach young children in a relaxed environment that promotes stress-free education. This makes learning more enjoyable than boring. Educational technology includes using instructional materials in a friendly setting for children. My experiences with technology-based learning are specific to app-based education. Learning is not about memorizing facts, but it’s about having fun. These interactive online games allow learners to consolidate and process the lessons they have learned. These apps include Kahoots and Khan Academy https://www.khanacademy.org/, Abc mouse https://www.abcmouse.com/abc/login/ and others. As far as the hardware type of learning is concerned, I have used I-pads for students, laptops, computers and projectors to help them understand certain concepts in a fun and joyful way with lots of attractions for children through online resources.

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